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Spokane's Peak Performance Specialist

Ingrid Agnew

Peak Performance

Now it is possible to quickly and easily turn around your mental game when it is getting the best of you. Ingrid will show you a breakthrough technique known as Emotional Freedom Technique (E.F.T.)

E.F.T. May help to....

  • Release fear
  • Reduce stress
  • Release frustration and anger
  • Release your mental blocks
  • Eliminate self-sabotage

Move into Peak Performance by:

  • Gaining composure

  • Increasing your focus and confidence
  • Maximizing your competitive edge

E.F.T. is a simple, straightforward technique that has been shown to produce immediate results. With this technique it's possible to enhance any work you are doing with your coach, pro or sports psychologist--it's an added bonus!

Change your mental game with E.F.T. and you tap into your true potential.

Ingrid works with any athlete, whatever the sport, in office, on location or by phone.

I am a proud member of Empowering Business Women of Spokane.

What is Empowering Business Women?

We are like-minded business owners, mostly in holistic practices, who support each other, with each of us contributing something special for the benefit of all; with just enough organization to be effective, but always in a heart-centered way.

Visit the group's Facebook page for more information.


Please check out my recent EFT Radio interview and Q6 News Interview

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EFT Radio


Listen to Ingrid's past two interviews on as she introduces her new program called Peak Performance Self-Talk.

Ingrid has discovered seven statements that enhance the brain's capacity to reach goals. She has combined these statements with tapping for maximum effect.

In the most recent interview, Ingrid discussed each statement and its effect on the brain and the subconscious mind. Ingrid then led the listeners through this new self-talk on some specific sports performance issues.

Learn how to quickly turn around your thinking to enhance your performance. You won't want to miss this interview!

Listen to my past interview!

EFT practitioner Alina Frank interviewed me about using Emotional Freedom Technique and Peak Performance Self-Talk together. A talk and tap session that was fun and informative. Click here to listen to the interview

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